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Monthly Leaderboard


Each Kesier M3 bike in our stadium-style studio is equipped with a small computer that displays metrics such as power, speed (RPM) and total energy output. We've also installed a Performance IQ Smart Studio™ system that transmits metrics from each bike for display on over-sized flat panel screens at the front of the studio.

The "leader board" displays not only take your focus straight in front of you, but it also ranks individual and team performance so you can see where you rank in the pack.

Performance Metrics Indoor Cycling -- zingFit online scheduling

NB - when riders reserve, they have the option to cloak their personal metrics from display on the board.

How far have you come?

After each ride, we deliver personal performance ride metrics to each rider's email box. Personal performance history is also tracked and summarized in each private online rider profile accessible via The Studios online scheduling system.

personal performance data indoor cycling - zingFit online scheduling