The Studios at Montecito Indoor Cycling is Sonoma County's only dedicated indoor cycling studio! Indoor cycling is the ultimate in cardiovascular fitness, appealing to avid cyclists, fitness buffs and beginners alike.

Our bikes

Kaiser M3 bikes are truly the best available. Each bike is equipped with a meter displaying watts which is a tool to measure your power created by RPM's and gears. This very effective tool will help you gauge your effort and progress over time. Made in Fresno, California these bikes are built for comfort and can be adjusted to fit individual needs.

Our System

Our studio networks our bikes and then wirelessly displays both individual and team performance on TV's in the Studios: This very effective training tool allows students to track their performance and gauge their effort for the most effective workout.

Heart Rate Training System

Heart Rate Training is both a very safe and effective way to train your cardiovascular fitness. By knowing your max heart rate and then working within percentages of this max, you can monitor your effort and learn how to become a very fit, well trained athlete. All levels of exercisers will benefit from this knowledge.

The Studios offers Sub Max Heart Rate tests on select Monday's at 4:30 pm. These classes are 40 minutes long and will bring the student through various efforts in order to determine your max heart rate. They are sub max tests because we will never bring you to your max heartrate during this test. After the test the students will have their max heart rate and the 5 exercise zones related to this number.

All students must bring an Ant+ Heartrate strap to class. The Studios sells these straps and can be purchased prior to class.