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the studios at montecito heights

stadium-style cycling, hot yoga & barre

The Studios at Montecito Heights-located in Santa Rosa, consist of two studios. One with Stadium Cycling and the other with Hot Yoga and Xtend Barre. Open to the Public, The Studios is Sonoma County's only facility dedicated entirely to group cycling and fitness.

10 DAYS FOR $20! Not sure if Studios are for you? Most likely you have 20 bucks lying around that you could spare and take as many classes as you want for 10 days. C'mon...think about the last $20 you spent. Did it last 10 days and make you feel great? (For new clients only)


Montecito Madness

Montecito Madness is over and the winning team is Chemical Weapon; Glenn Jeffries and Trisha Ziemer. Congrats to all of our participants. Click here for more

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